About us

A school that will challenge you like no other.

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Aiglon College is a renowned, non-profit independent boarding school located high in the Swiss Alps, in the village of Chesières-Villars.

When John Corlette founded our school in 1949, he knew that the balanced development of mind, body and spirit would require unique ingredients. A strong and abiding family spirit. Inspirational and outstanding educators. A truly diverse student body. A unique location. And the spirited independence that comes with being a non-profit school. And that is why at Aiglon, we live life on the mountain – it is our home, our classroom and our way of life.

Work with us

Challenge, Respect, Responsibility, Diversity, Service

To work at Aiglon you’ll need not only to be outstanding at what you do, but also share our guiding principles and play a full part in our community.

Working in a boarding school can be challenging, and working at Aiglon is especially so. The holistic nature of the education we offer, and our strong focus on pastoral care, means that teachers’ lives are busy and demanding.

For the right candidate, though, the rewards of life at Aiglon are immense, not least the privilege of our incredible mountain setting.

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Why Aiglon?

"Our Story in Motion"

How do you capture a place like Aiglon? How do you film not just a school, but a way of life and a home? How do you tell this story in a way that excites Aiglon’s current community, yet also inspires the future generation who want to join us here on the mountain? Enjoy our videos for a taste of our school why you should join us.

Our Location

Chesières-Villars, Switzerland

Aiglon College

Avenue Centrale 61
1885 Chesières-Villars